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We all live in a day and age where none of us is especially inclined to waste time. The fastest and easiest way to get from A to Z is generally the best. The fewer pain points the better. The convenience of looking something up in the Yellow Pages was replaced with Google. This was made easier yet by using voice commands like Siri, and the process just seems to get more and more refined until one day we might just think a thought and have it materialize. But until then, people like me are intent on pushing the envelope in pursuit of making life easier for people.

One thing that seems to be a right pain in the “you know what” is the installation of many products. We love buying them, but we hate installing them. So, the logical thing to do when we receive that accessory for our SUV, or that new TV, or that cool contemporary desk that we just bought on Amazon, is to Google an installer. Well that sure would seem easy, until you actually try it. OMG!!!! Do yourselves a favor and actually try it. In the awesome, tech-forward world in which we currently dwell, it’s actually a nightmare. Firstly you’ll likely get hold of someone that doesn’t know how to install your product. Then, after 10 frustrating phone calls to people that aren’t available, don’t understand, don’t answer, or just plain out seem dumb, you throw your hands up and give that installation a good old fashioned college try yourself. A few frustrated hours later you step back to admire the almost decent job you did of that desk whose drawers don’t really slide that well, or the truck bed cover which looks great, but leaks a bit in the corners. Bottom line, THERE MUST BE A BETTER SOLUTION! And there is, It’s called InstallerAlert!

Installer Alert local installations

Get your product installed by a local pro, or chat with one in real time!

Albert Einstein probably said it best when stating that the best solution is always the simplest, so long as it’s not too simple. Well what could be simpler than texting a number on the side of your package? Doing so will instantly alert all the installers of that product that are closest to your cell phone IN REAL TIME. No Google lookups, no visiting of websites, no calling and speaking to the idiot who calls you sir or ma’am fifty times, yet doesn’t offer solutions. Yes people, InstallerAlert is the answer. And isn’t it about damn time we shed the old Alexander Graham Bell approach of a blind phone call? Geez Louise people!

I believe strongly that most forward thinking brands will begin using their own InstallerAlert labels on their packaging in the very near future. All they need to do is upload their dealer database, create a unique label with call to actions and that’s it. Effectively their company will be “Uberized”, which is to say that their very products will act as the conduit between their consumers and their installers. TADA! What could be simpler than that?

I’d love your feedback here. Tell me if you think it’s a good or a bad idea. I can tell you with absolute certainty, that it could well save a marriage or two, which leads me to believe it’s not just a good idea, but one of the best I’ve seen in a long long time!

Installer Alert

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InstallerAlert is the latest product to be introduced by NINA (The National Installer Network of America).


InstallerAlert Logo

with InstallerAlert, installers of all kinds can be alerted in live time whenever a consumer needs a local installation.

When a consumer receives their package (from an online purchase as an example), they can simply text a “keyword” to the InstallerAlert number on the package. This instantly alerts the installers that are closest to them. It is seamless, trouble free, does not require an app download and is extremely easy to use.

The result is instant service provided to the consumer, faster local response times,  automatically generated leads in live time to installers, and a fantastic new way for brands and retailers to offer an added level of service to its customers. It is really the next step in efficiency through better use of technology.

Consumers require instant gratification. They do not want to look things up online, make phone calls, research installers etc. They simply want help right there on the spot with the least amount of friction possible. That’s what InstallerAlert provides.

Brands use the InstallerAlert label on their packages. Installers and service providers register with InstallerAlert to get live leads. The rest is simple, seamless and hugely beneficial to all.

Check it out at



NINA Automotive Accessory Installers

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We all know what a regular auto dealership looks like: It has a sales department and a service department. So too do places like oil lube shops, pep boys, brake and wheel centers etc. All of them have a place where you buy the products, and service bays where the products are installed.

But all of a sudden we’re starting to see a massive amount of auto accessories being sold online through websites like Amazon. The problem is that none of these online behemoths actually install anything. For that matter, it’s hard to get through to a service tech when you need install assistance. Just try calling Amazon and you’ll see what I mean.

So what we’ve done is create a simple label that goes on the side of a box for products that require installation, which simply allows the consumer to find a local installer for that product – simply by scanning the QR code on the label or texting the word install to the number on the label.

NINA label

NINA label

This is an incredibly powerful idea that will serve to send a steady stream of installations to brick and mortar stores who need the business. It’s a fantastic service for folks that buy nine, yet still need installation, and lastly, it’s a great way for manufacturers to ensure that their products are being installed correctly. Oftentimes a proper installation will result in far higher consumer satisfaction as it relates to the product they’ve bought.



Let me know if you think NINA (The National Installer Network of America) is a good thing, and how it might effect your business.